東京迪士尼度假區 2016年夏季活動及全新遊樂設施 簡介

Summer at Tokyo Disney Resort
July 9 – August 31, 2016

Tokyo Disney Resort® will offer special programs at Tokyo Disneyland® Park, Tokyo DisneySea® Park, the Disney Hotels and more during the summer season. To mark the 15th Anniversary of Tokyo DisneySea this year, a brand new musical show, “Out of Shadowland,” will premiere in Lost River Delta. And both Parks will offer summertime special events with entertainment that features lots of splashing water so that Guests can have a cool, fun-filled time.

In conjunction with the Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary, a brand new musical show, “Out of Shadowland,” will premiere on July 9 at the Hangar Stage in Lost River Delta. Through colorful images, dynamic scenes and powerful live performances, Guests will experience a world unlike any seen before.

Guests can also enjoy the Tokyo DisneySea special event, “Disney Summer
Festival,” with its Latin excitement and motifs of tropical fruit. Presented at Mediterranean Harbor again this year is “Minnie’s Tropical Splash” with Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and Clarice wearing new costumes. They are joined by Jose Carioca and Panchito in this celebration of a bountiful harvest of fruit. Vivid colors and “juicy” fruit motifs can be found on the Park merchandise, menus and decorations, making this tropical summer festival even more exciting.

Also at Tokyo DisneySea, Guests will find “artwork” created by Gelatoni (a friend of Duffy the Disney Bear) in the Palazzo Canals area of Mediterranean Harbor. And from July 1, new merchandise featuring Duffy and his friends will go on sale, as well as new food items featuring Gelatoni.

The Tokyo Disneyland special event, “Disney Natsu Matsuri,” gives the traditional Japanese summer festival a unique Disney touch. In the show “Sairyo Kabu,” presented in front of Cinderella Castle, the Disney Friends perform as one dance team, unlike in the previous years when they competed in teams. They are divided into four groups, each with a different theme: “Sai” (color), “Ryo” (coolness), “Hana” (flower), and “Yubu” (heroic dance). Wearing new costumes, they come together to dance to new music. As water sprays out from the floats, Guests can join in the dancing and enjoy this exhilarating and refreshing summer festival. Merchandise, decorations and menu items in the Park will feature summer designs that enhance the festival atmosphere.

The Disney Hotels, the Disney Resort Line and Ikspiari will also offer programs for even more summer fun at Tokyo Disney Resort.


Tokyo DisneySea New Musical Show

Premiering on July 9

Presented at the Hangar Stage in Lost River Delta, “Out of Shadowland” is an original tale about a shy, soft-spoken girl who must learn to overcome her doubts and fears through the power of her imagination, and the courage she discovers in her heart. Created expressly for the Hangar Stage, this new musical show with colorful visuals, dynamic scenes and powerful live performances offers Guests a unique experience.

The story of “Out of Shadowland” follows a young woman named Mei, who gets separated from her group on a jungle safari tour and must spend the night lost and alone in the scary wilderness. To take her mind off her fears, Mei plays with shadow puppets in her tent and is magically pulled into the shadow world she created. There, she helps to restore life, light and color to a land that has been pillaged by antagonistic forces. Ultimately Mei must do battle with them in order to gain confidence in the real world.

Venue: Hangar Stage in Lost River Delta Performances: 3 to 6 daily
Duration: About 25 minutes Number of Performers: 18
Investment: about 3.5 billion yen (tentative)

-    On certain dates, reserved seat tickets (free) are required to view the performance. Reserved seat tickets are available by lottery only. The lottery is located at Biglietteria (next to Gondolier Snacks).
-    The musical production “Mystic Rhythms,” presented at Hangar Stage, closed permanently on April 5, 2015.

Tokyo DisneySea Special Event

Minnie’s Tropical Splash
Venue: Mediterranean Harbor Performances: 3 daily (daytime only) Duration: About 20 minutes
The “hot” but “cool” water program, “Minnie’s Tropical Splash,” is back again this year to fill Mediterranean Harbor with tons of spraying water. This year, Jose Carioca and Panchito have come to add even more excitement to the event. The “carnival queens” Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and Clarice in gorgeous new costumes appear in Mediterranean Harbor on a boat with colorful motifs of luscious, tropical fruit. From the boat, Minnie opens the carnival in celebration of the rich harvest of fruit and the hot Latin music begins to throb as the carnival fun begins. To increase the excitement, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and their pals start to spray water from the boats and the shore. The Guests get involved and the carnival heats up even more. For the finale, Jose Carioca and Panchito appear and do the new “banana dance” as the tropical carnival reaches the heights of fun.


About 40 different types of merchandise will go on sale, including items with designs of the Disney Friends as they appear in “Minnie’s Tropical Splash” as well as items with tropical fruit motifs. T-shirts, sweatpants, sunglasses, and other products will let Guests enjoy summer in the Park to the fullest. A big watermelon-shaped cushion with Chip ’n Dale, a long towel that fits in a banana-shaped pocket, and other items with fruit motifs will be available.

Around 20 different types of merchandise will be sold at both Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland, including hooded towels and tote bags designed with Mickey Mouse-like water drops, as well as other summer items useful both inside and outside the Parks.

Note: Sales of special merchandise will start on July 8. Supplies of special merchandise are limited, so some items may sell out.


Spicy dishes and tropical menu items just perfect for summer will be offered during the event. At Yucatan Base Camp Grill, a special set of a meat patty with a fruit sauce will be sold, while Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante will serve a special set of pasta with spicy tomato sauce. Six types of cocktails with lemon, kiwi, pineapple and other fruit will also be available. Ramune candies will be sold in mini snack cases that come in two different designs featuring fruit motifs. And available for the first time will be souvenir popcorn cases with pictures of the Disney Friends in their “Disney Summer Festival” costumes.

Note: Most special menus will be available starting July 1; however, some will be available from July 8.


The Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary summer will be enlivened with a tropical atmosphere. Around Mediterranean Harbor, Guests will find parasols with watermelon and banana motifs and photo spots featuring lots of fruits. And Lost River Delta will be decked out with colorful ribbons celebrating the harvest of fruit, as well as flower decorations in the shape of Mickey Mouse.


Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta® will offer special menus linked to the Park event, “Disney Summer Festival,” that are colorful and tropical. The special
full-course menus at each restaurant will include a dessert inspired by Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck or Clarice as they appear in “Minnie’s Tropical Splash.” Guests will also be able to enjoy dishes featuring tropical fruit, enhancing the summer festival atmosphere.

Note: The special menus will be available starting July 8.

Tokyo DisneySea

From July 9 for a limited time only, artwork created by Duffy’s friend Gelatoni can be viewed in the Palazzo Canals area of Mediterranean Harbor. Gelatoni is good at drawing and Guests will find his work in various places around Palazzo Canals. In addition, starting July 1, about ten different types of merchandise with new artwork showing Gelatoni having fun at Palazzo Canals and desserts that come with a Gelatoni souvenir cup will be sold. Also available will be about 15 different types of new Duffy and ShellieMay merchandise, such as tote bags and tissue box covers inspired by their cuddly softness.


Tokyo Disneyland Special Event


Sairyo Kabu
Venue: Around the Castle Forecourt and Plaza Performances: 3 daily (daytime only) Duration: About 20 minutes
Themed to a Japanese festival, this program builds to a climax through the Disney Friends’ exhilarating dancing amid a torrent of water showering down on everyone. Unlike in previous years when the Disney Friends were in competing dance teams, this year they combine into one team to make “Disney Natsu Matsuri” even more exciting. The team is made up of four groups. Chip, Dale and Clarice are in the “Sai” (color) group; Goofy and Max in “Ryo” (coolness); Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck in “Hana” (flower); and Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto in “Yubu” (heroic dance). With new costumes and music, they show off their new dance performance.
Each group, riding on a colorful float, arrives at the Castle Forecourt in front of Cinderella Castle and the show begins. With water spraying from the floats, they make their way around the parade route in a festive way. At the finale, the groups converge at the Castle Forecourt. As water pours down all around, the unique dance styles of the four groups heat up the show and draw in all the Guests to join the Disney Friends in an exhilarating dance.

Participating Groups:

Group Name
Disney Character Team Members
Chip, Dale, Clarice
Goofy, Max
Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck
Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto

The floats of the four groups will spray water both in front of Cinderella Castle and along the Parade Route.
Reserved seat tickets (free) are required to view this show from the Central Viewing Area in front of Cinderella Castle. Tickets available by lottery.


About 35 different types of special merchandise with designs of the Disney Friends as they appear in “Sairyo Kabu” will be available this summer. Besides T-shirts, shorts, head towels, fans and other items to wear or use in the Park while enjoying the festival, Guests will find Japanese products like “tenugui” towels and “kinchaku” pouch sets. In addition, confections like lemon jellied desserts with “kuzukiri” noodles that are perfect for summer will be sold.

Around 20 different types of merchandise will be sold at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Ponchos, tote bags and beach sandals designed with Mickey Mouse-like water drops, as well as body wipe sets and sunscreen, are sure to be popular summer items used both inside and outside the Parks.

Note: Sales of special merchandise will start on July 8. Supplies of special merchandise are limited, so some items may sell out.


Inspired by the four groups of “Sairyo Kabu,” special food items that are perfect for the hot summer will be on offer.

Menu Item
Special set with colorful Japanese-style pizza
Captain Hook’s Galley
Special set with refreshing white hot dog
Refreshment Corner
Chilled crepes
Café Orléans
Special set with a fried cutlet sandwich in Mickey-shaped bread
Tomorrowland Terrace

In addition, the Disney Friends appearing in “Sairyo Kabu” will be featured on souvenir cups. Also, for the first time, souvenir popcorn cases will be sold. At Restaurant Hokusai, a special menu with Chirashi-zushi and souvenir chopsticks will be available.

Note: Most special menus will be available starting July 1; however, some will be available from July 8.


Tokyo Disneyland will be decorated with banners, parasols and Japanese lanterns inspired by “Sairyo Kabu” to heighten the Disney atmosphere of this Japanese summer festival. In the Plaza in front of Cinderella Castle will be festive photo locations of the Disney Friends as they appear in “Sairyo Kabu.”


Both Disney Ambassador® Hotel and Tokyo Disneyland® Hotel will offer special menus inspired by “Disney Natsu Matsuri.” Empire Grill (California cuisine) in Disney Ambassador Hotel will offer dishes reflecting the season, while all of the restaurants will offer special menus inspired by the summer event. At Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, special menus inspired by the event and by Japan will be offered at Sherwood Garden Restaurant (buffet) and Dreamers Lounge (lobby lounge).

Note: The special menus will be available starting July 8.


(For Both Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland)

In addition to plans that come with reserved viewing tickets for the summer entertainment programs, the Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages website will also offer various plans for families to enjoy staying at the Resort with children and grandparents. One plan offers children the opportunity at Tokyo DisneySea to experience being a Custodial Cast Member in the program “Custodial Kids!”* (sponsored by Kao Co., Ltd.). Another plan includes “Kids Night Adventure ‘Search the Island for the Treasure Key.’”* In this program children explore Tom Sawyer Island together with Cast Members.

For more information, please visit Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservation & Tickets at

*This program is conducted in Japanese.


From July 8 through August 31, 2016, the Disney Resort Line will offer two types of limited period passes. One will feature images of the Tokyo Disneyland special event “Disney Natsu Matsuri” and the other pass will have images of the Tokyo DisneySea special event “Disney Summer Festival.


Ikspiari will hold a summer event from July 21 through August 31, 2016. Presented on stage at the second-floor Celebration Plaza will be a dance event filled with a summertime ambience. There will also be workshops for children to create their summer projects and other exciting activities. And the restaurants will offer menus perfect for families to enjoy together, as well as other dishes to help enjoy the summer holidays.

© Tokyo Disney Resort



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